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Item List

Kickoff Event (December)

Basileus, Executive Committee and Centennial Marshal

Undergraduate Month (January)

Chapter Advisors (Bryan Patton, N’Erik Perkins, Darrell Spells)

Black History Month (February)

Uplift Project Inc., Social Action Committee, Mardi Gras Committee, Talent Hunt Committee Throughout February 2024

Memorial Service (March)

Benevolence Committee (Samuel, Threatt and Clark)

Centennial Service Month (April)

Social Action/Centennial Celebration Kickoff

Reclamation Blitz (May)

Reclamation Month/Reclaiming Brothers back into the chapter. (Brooks)

Beta Phi Chapter Picnic (June)

Social Committee (Bagley)

Historical Exhibit (July)

Historian and Assistant Historian (Bailey, Hoover, Harper, Scott)

UPI Golf Tournament and Fundraiser (August)

UPI Golf Tournament and Fundraiser (D. Brown, King, Wilks, Lawson)

Centennial Party (September)

Ways and Means Committee (Johnson)

Community Outreach (October)

Political Action Committee (A. Jones and Baines)

Founder’s Day and Achievement Week (November)

Achievement Week, Reclamation and Retention, Social and Ways and Means Committee

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